Senior Portraits Thousand Oaks

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Senior Portaits Newbury Park

One of the awesome things that we love about shooting HS Senior Portraits is that we have 2 main locations, instead of just 1.  Of course, you can always shoot destination Senior Pics, or take to the streets….definitely fun – but, let’s be honest, that requires our Senior to be a bit of an extrovert.  Shooting on Santa Monica Pier, or the streets of Venice, CA produces amazing shots….but, there are gonna be a LOT of people staring & the occasional whistle or 2.  Some of our Seniors thrive on that kind of energy, pace & excitement.  Others would rather be comfortable enough to really connect with the camera – and that means we need a little privacy.  Both of our “home base” locations provide a ton of variety for the shoot, and just enough privacy to feel like you can relax.  Every now and then a hiker will come down the trail we shoot on in Newbury Park, but that’s rare 🙂  Sometimes we’ll encounter a couple cars on the street we love to shoot on in Los Angeles – but, that’s also pretty rare.  The pics above are of one of our 2013 MxB HS Senior Model Reps, Baylee.  She shot with us at our Dos Vientos of Newbury Park location – which was so perfect for her crystal clear eyes & blonde hair 🙂  It kept the images feeling fresh & breezy – and the light could not be more gorgeous.  If we’d shot Baylee’s Senior Pics in Los Angeles, we could have still accomplished an outdoors, fresh & breezy look, but it would have had a somewhat “edgier” feel.  That’s what we love….having the options easily available & knowing we can really tailor the photoshoot to the person we’re shooting.  Baylee’s BFF Dani scheduled her shoot on the same day & we were able to do a look together.  They both had brought totally glam dresses, so we thought that’d be a fun one to do together.  Sometimes shooting glam dresses can come off as too stuffy, so we encouraged Baylee & Dani to let loose & just be crazy – – – there are SO many great shots from this group, it was tough to pick favorites!

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