Senior Pictures Los Angeles – Where to shoot



Shoot your Senior Portraits in ONE location that offers almost ENDLESS possibilities!

One of the absolute coolest things about shooting Senior Pictures Los Angeles is that there are just so so so many places to shoot.  Most of our Seniors want several looks & they want each of those to be shot in a unique location.  However, driving from location to location is a time & energy killer – it’s no fun for anyone.  The best bet is to find ONE spot that offers lots of possible areas to shoot in.  Choosing that main location is really determined by the vibe you want for your Senior Pictures.  Want something funky & edgy?  Venice Beach has super awesome alleyways with tons of color & textures to play with – – – plus the buildings offer shadow from the mid day sun, meaning, light is always pretty perfect 🙂  Then, for the last look of the day, we just walk a few steps and BAM!  you’re on the beach!  a great way to end any Senior Photography session.  Want something classic & pastoral?  Just get out of the main city part of LA & find a hiking trail!  The canopy of trees in most hikes gives perfect shade from the sun for soft light – which is imperative for getting gorgeous Senior Pictures.

Our team makes shooting your Senior Pictures an experience you’ll never forget…

See the image above of our model getting her makeup touched up?  While she was getting a little tweak to hair & makeup, our photography assistant was setting our light perfectly for the romantic glow you see in the black & white image.  Little touches like back lighting make the difference between just “so-so” images, and images that are amaaaaaazing.  Having our hair/makeup artist present while we shoot is also a huge bonus, since she makes little changes as we go to get the MOST out of the day.  And it’s not such a bad thing to be treated like a supermodel for the day 🙂

For more examples, visit our SENIOR PICTURES LOS ANGELES PORTFOLIO and our FACEBOOK page 🙂  And if you have any QUESTIONS please feel free to contact us through our site’s contact form & we’ll be happy to help.  And remember, yearbook deadline comes fast….book your Los Angeles Senior Pictures today!

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