Choosing a Senior Portrait Photographer, Los Angeles


Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographers

The following are some suggestions on how to choose a Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles.

LA is absolutely covered in photographers that shoot Senior Portraits.  It’s not surprising actually…there’s a higher than average concentration of artistic people in Los Angeles in general.  But, that makes finding the right one even tougher!  Below are some suggestions on things to look for when deciding who to book with.

Shooting IN los angeles?

You don’t necessarily have to shoot in the middle of LA.  At MxB, we’re proud of our ability to shoot pretty much anywhere ….as far south as Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, & even Huntington Beach.  We also have gorgeous locations in Newbury Park, Venice Beach, & Malibu.  Of course, if you’re looking to shoot something with an urban vibe, one of our favorite spots is our family owned urban warehouse in Los Angeles, which is absolutely perfect for edgy Senior Portraits.

What products are you looking to get?

Lots of portrait photographers can get you really great images.  The issue then becomes “how many millions will it cost to buy prints, canvas & an album?”  Just keep in mind when booking your session, that no matter how much you love the pics, they won’t mean as much to you in years to come if they’re only ever seen on facebook & in a couple 8×10’s.  We pride ourselves in having the absolute BEST & most inclusive print & product Collections of any photographer in Southern California…for the best prices.

Hair & Makeup can make or break your Senior Portraits

We include professional hair & makeup with EVER session, because it’s just so so important.  Not only do pros do a flawless job, they leave you with more energy to focus on being a model.  It’s just too exhausting to spend half your time making hair & makeup changes…and then have to go right back out & keep shooting.  You need that time to sit & relax and let our people work their magic!

For more examples, visit our PORTFOLIO and our FACEBOOK page 🙂  And if you have any QUESTIONS please feel free to contact us through our site’s contact form & we’ll be happy to help you book Max Brandin as your Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles!

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