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Kids Headshots Los Angeles

Kids Headshots Los Angeles

Los Angeles Kids Headshots

Jayda  came to us for headshots at one of the most complex times to get headshots – as a teen girl between the ages of 13 & 16.  Kids headshots usually fall into 4 “types” that pretty much every youth talent agent requests:  1. The Good Kid  2. The Mischievous Kid  3. Sporty All American Kid  4. Quirky/Nerdy Kid

These types are still important when kids get into the teenage years, but there’s the unmistakable fact that these teens are starting to become adults.  One of the toughest lines to walk as a headshot phtoographer is the one between what the teen wants and what the parent wants.  Suddenly, “The Mischievous Kid” isn’t a big exuberant smile and bright turquoise tee shirt.  “Mischievous” for a 15 year old girl is probably more what you’d call “Edgy”.  If you check out the images above, you’ll see “the good kid”, “sporty” & “mischievous” – – – – but, you’ll see these types done in a slightly more grown up way, while still keeping our eye on the fact that Jayda is still a kid 🙂

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