COMBINE Senior Pictures & LA Actor Headshots!

Senior Pictures Los Angeles can double as Actor Headshots


Our locations are in the heavily actor populated areas of Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles, so of course, there will be times that our High School Senior Pictures Los Angeles client will also need Actor Headshots.  The problem lies in making sure we get everything mom & dad want for treasured keepsake photos of this special time in their child’s life, while at the same time making sure the teen’s agent is happy enough to submit the pics to casting directors.

The differences between Senior Pics & Headshots for Actors ….and how to resolve issues.

Senior Pics are very much like a full fashion photography shoot, usually “on-location” & with a variety of outfits, accessories, killer heels/boots, & amazing hair/makeup.  We shoot everything.  Head to toe, 3-quarter, & tight headshots.   We get so much more than just a smile into the camera.  Senior is shot from behind, from the side, laughing cut-away shots, glancing over the shoulder….you name it!   Senior Pictures pay a low up-front session fee, which includes professional hair & makeup.   They get a small gallery of just the BEST pictures approx. 5-20 “web” files for online sharing.  High Res printable files do not come with sessions.  Prints, high res files for printing large wall art, etc. can be purchased when the proofs arrive.  Retouching is FREE for all images ordered.

Actors pay a higher session fee, and must pay for their own hair/makeup artist  in addition to the photographer’s day rate.  There are no head-to-toe images – only 3-quarter, bust & tight headshot.  BUT, on the upside, they receive ALL images shot with the exception of blinks – since agents aren’t always looking for the “prettiest” pic….they’re often looking for a character type.  There are usually 400+ shots to choose from.  The files actors receive are no bigger than 8×10 printable & retouching is not included.

Money Saving Solution

If the HS Senior doesn’t ever plan to print larger than 8×10, it could be a good idea to just book an actor’s session.  And since you have a disc of all pics taken you can make your own album & prints easily & inexpensively.  If larger than 8×10 prints are desired, these can be purchased for $50-$75 per high res file, retouching included.  Most people don’t print more than a couple images super big anyway, so in the end it could save a lot to just pay for what you want.

What you give up by combining Senior Portraits with Actor Headshots

You give up the head-to-toe “on location” fashion shoot style pics, as well as the whole modeling aspect of the day.  We shoot for headshots, which means looking into the camera for your pics, and not posing with the exceptions of hands on the hips, and basics like that.  We also won’t be seeing the shoes, and jewelry/accessories are pretty much a “don’t” for industry standard headshots.  One look you can break the accessories rule on, though, is the “Hipster/Silverlake/Edgy” look.  Tons of agents request this look & we’ve been told many times that accessories work well for it.  So, you can get at least one look that shows off your unique style in all its glory!


CHECK OUT THE IMAGES BELOW – these are a great example of a combination session.











Senior Pictures Los Angeles

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