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Coming up with the best senior portrait ideas!

senior portrait ideas

Senior Portrait Ideas:

It’s always good to spice things up when it comes time to get some senior portraits done! In the shot above, the wonderful photographer Brandin asked our senior to jump up on this ledge and be silly.

The best pictures are always the ones that show the seniors true and personal self.

We always go on different locations for senior portraits to get the most variety and fun out of the pictures you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Next time you’re looking for fabulous senior portrait ideas, talk to Max Brandin Photography; we would always be happy to help you out! give us a call!  310.622.5819

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When shooting corporate headshots what to wear?

corporate headshots what to wear


Corporate Headshots what to wear :

When shooting headshots for your company, be it for the website, a brochure, pamphlets, or just for fun; it’s important to make sure you dress to impress and you feel confident!

Depending on the type of business you are a part of there are certain do’s and don’ts of the headshot world.

The lovely business woman above in her corporate headshot is wearing a simple black business blouse, clean and elegant makeup and a fabulous smile. Just be you.

Next time you’re looking for a corporate headshot photographer in LA, give us a call!  310.622.5819


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Finding affordable kid headshots Los Angeles

kid headshots los angeles

kid headshots los angeles

Kid Headshots Los Angeles:  what to wear

one of the biggest questions we get when shooting kids headshots is what should we bring for the kid to wear?  You’re always safe with SOLID colors, but prints are totally fine if they’re not distracting.  Above, our kid actor is wearing a PRINT (flowers) and a chanbray vest (pink/white).  These could easily be distracting, but they’re not b/c they fit the character types we’re going for 🙂


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kids headshot photographer Los Angeles



kids headshot photographer

Child Actor Headshot Photographer

Kids Headshot Photographer

Choosing a kids headshot photographer isn’t easy.  There are honestly several really talented photogs in Los Angeles that do a great job with kids.  We work to set ourselves apart by offering “real world” locations for at least your child’s Commercial Headshot – since Commercial Agents tend to love that candid, fresh, “real” look.  You’ll notice in the 2 pics above, the Theatrical Headshot is shot in our studio, whereas the Commercial shot in the braids and tee is shot just around the corner from our studio for that natural light breezy feel that’s so popular in commercials!

Next time you’re looking for a kids headshot photographer in LA, give us a call!  310.622.5819

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Headshots for Kids Los Angeles


headshots for kids

Headshots for Kids

Wardrobe, Headshots for Kids

There is a lot of information out there on what wardrobe to bring when shooting headshots for kids – everyone has a slightly different take on things.  If y0u’re already signed with a talent agent, you should absolutely go with their preferences.  If you’re shopping reps, you’ll want to follow as many universal rules as possible.  For the most part, sticking with SOLID colors is safe.  But, just bringing a bunch of bright tees can be an oversimplification.  Make sure to bring wardrobe pieces with different “character” to them.  Example:  Solid pale beach blouse (ethereal).  Bright solid pink tee (spunky).  Faded Denim Jacket (earthy).  They’re all SOLID in color but each has it’s own vibe!

Hope this helps the next time you book a headshots for kids photoshoot!

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