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Headshots for Kids

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There is a lot of information out there on what wardrobe to bring when shooting headshots for kids – everyone has a slightly different take on things.  If y0u’re already signed with a talent agent, you should absolutely go with their preferences.  If you’re shopping reps, you’ll want to follow as many universal rules as possible.  For the most part, sticking with SOLID colors is safe.  But, just bringing a bunch of bright tees can be an oversimplification.  Make sure to bring wardrobe pieces with different “character” to them.  Example:  Solid pale beach blouse (ethereal).  Bright solid pink tee (spunky).  Faded Denim Jacket (earthy).  They’re all SOLID in color but each has it’s own vibe!

Hope this helps the next time you book a headshots for kids photoshoot!

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