Tips for Childrens Headshots Los Angeles & Thousand Oaks


tips for childrens headshots

Tips for Childrens headshots

Glasses have become extremely popular – and this is one of our favorite tips for childrens headshots.  One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the reflection and glare created by light reflecting off the lenses.   Most people think that glasses with “Anti Glare” won’t reflect light, but the anti glare coating is actually just for the person WEARING the glasses.  Has nothing to do with preventing reflection.  Trust us….  If you can bring a pair with the lenses popped out, it’ll make your shoot go more smoothly.  Nobody will know!  Many shows on TV with main character that wear glasses actually have the lenses popped out and you just don’t notice it.  (Zooey Deschanel in The New Girl)  If you can’t get glasses with the lenses out, we can always make it work by looking for spots that have indirect light.  It can be a little challenging – but regardless we always get great shots.  For more tips for childrens headshots give us a call!  310.622.5819

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