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Max Brandin Photography includes female photographers,
Amanda Max Weber & Brandin Shaeffer


Friends since high school

That’s us over the past 20 years ….2 crazy girls whose favorite thing to do is play dress-up & take pictures.  We went to high school together in Oklahoma City, and after graduation, made our way out to Los Angeles thinking we’d surely become movie stars.  And, what’s the first thing an aspiring movie star needs?  (besides a famous parent) …..Headshots!  Well, headshots cost a lotta moola, so we got the bright idea to teach ourselves photography and take our own pics.  Everyone told us we were crazy.  The guy we bought our camera & lights from laughed at us.  Bigtime.  Boy oh boy, did we prove them wrong!  Not about the movie star thing – that didn’t exactly work out.  But, everyone loved our pictures and almost overnight, we realized we were in business.

It’s been well over a decade  since we picked up that first camera in 2001 … and we love that we’re still playing dress-up & taking pictures – only now, with the help of our wonderfully talented hair & makeup artists.  Honestly, when you see us in action during a photoshoot, you’d think we were taking pics of a best friend – running around with a camera finding new ways to make you look fabulous….snapping candid shots of you cracking up, as well as capturing the moments when you’re looking your most beautiful.  Give us a call today & we’ll start planning your photoshoot – the outfits, the shoes, the hair, makeup, locations……c’mon, get excited!

 Your Senior Pictures are going to be AMAZING 🙂