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Kid Headshots & Family Portraits

Family Portraits Thousand Oaks

kid headshots


Why not combine Family Portraits w/ Kid Headshots ?!

At Max Brandin Photography we’ve always been big on getting the absolute most for your money and time….which is why we encourage parents to consider combining their kid headshots session with a quick, fun, and easy family portrait session.  Some simple coordinating of wardrobe & a few minutes put toward a little hair & makeup for mom & or non-actor siblings gives us the opportunity to get some spontaneous and beautiful pictures shot in a No Pressure setting….  We never charge an additional amount for a quickie family portrait added on to your kids headshot sesh.

((( “Quickie Family Sesh” is no additional charge and inlcudes 35 frames.  If you’d like a more extensive family session added to your child’s headshot session, there is typically only a $50-$100 additional charge, depending on the size of your family and the location you’d like to shoot!!! )))   We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as consult you about hair/makeup/wardrobe.  Just contact us at 310.622.5819 to book a kid headshots session!

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Family Portraits Thousand Oaks

family portraits thousand oaks

family portaits photography

family pictures newbury park

family portaits photography

family portaits photography

Family Portraits, Thousand Oaks – “At Home” Session

When you have kids under 10 yrs old, sometimes taking them to a park or the beach for a family portrait session can result in stimulus overload.  This coupled with the need to be somewhat still for family pics can bring on a melt-down in little ones.  Even the most well behaved children often surprise their parents at photoshoots.  Any photographer who works with kids will tell you:  kids can SENSE the power they have over the situation….and a monster can sometimes emerge 😉  A great way to combat this is to do an “At Home” portrait session.  It’s low stress for obvious reasons….and can result in more playful canded pics, as well as beautiful traditional portraits.  We’re big believers in getting BOTH.

For recent samples of our family portraits thousand oaks – as well as kids headshots visit our FACEBOOK page.  For questions or to schedule an appointment, click HERE.

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