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At the end of our headshot session with Christopher & Alexander, Mom & Dad jumped in for a super quick family photo.  We hadn’t planned on it…so nothing had been pre-coordinated or planned out.  Usually, wardrobe, setting, etc. are all thought about in detail, since family portraits are so difficult to plan logistically in the first place (((everyone’s schedule is different & it’s hard to make the time…) …so, the goal is to have things planned nicely so as to nail a great shot quickly.  Personally, we like to shoot family pics at the family’s actual house – so that the whole family has an easy meet up spot & can turn it into a get-together, or BBQ (mmmmmmm!!!!).  Everyone’s nice & relaxed – maybe even had a mimosa or glass of sangria …and in a MUCH better mood to play & have fun than if they showed up at a professional photography studio.  For the photo above, like we said, there was NO planning.  In fact, the kids were a starting to unravel a bit after shooting their acting headshots for well over 2 hours, so this had to be done FAST!  Only 4 frames were snapped – each one action packed with little Alexander in full “ants in the pants” mode.  And you know what?  That’s fine 🙂  The whole point of family pictures is to showcase a moment in time of your family exactly as it is.  Got little ones?  They might not be sitting perfectly still, smiling into the camera.  Be ok with that.  And know that those silly expressions they often give…or the fact that they’re doing something crazy with their arms…are exactly the things you’ll look back on & laugh at.  Eventually, as they grow up, they’ll start sitting still & smiling into the camera like a mature adult.  But, until then, enjoy the little monsters they are.  They’ll be grown up soon enough…..

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