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Senior Portraits Los Angeles




What to wear Senior Pictures

One of the first things I like to talk to my Seniors about is the kinds of activities they’re involved in at school.  Most high school students are involved in 2 major school related activities, whether that be School Paper, Student Council, Drama Club, Dance Team, Basketball, or Art Club.  The question is always whether or not to dedicate one of your wardrobe changes to a particular activity.  Obvously, if you’re involved in sports & have a Letterman’s Jacket, that’s a pretty easy thing to throw on for a few shots.  But, what if your activity is dance?  Should we dedicate one of the looks we shoot to dance?  What would you wear for a “Dance” shot?  A recital outfit?  Basic dance class wear?  Really depends on you & your personality – and is something we can help you out with when we discuss your shoot details.  …..Then there are the activities that are a little tougher to capture in a photoshoot.  For example, Nikki, above in the gloves, has been kick-boxing for years & is considered to be pretty amazing at it.  It’s a really big part of her life, and not something she’s ever had professional pictures taken of, so it would have been silly to not include this activity in her shoot.  BUT, we didn’t want to make it look cheesy.    After tossing around a few ideas, we decided to keep the set-up simple & focus on getting great shots of HER, more-so than a bunch of action shots that would have just ended up having really crazy ((& not so pretty lol)) facial expressions.  If Nikki pursues kickboxing in the coming years as a profession, she’ll have some really fierce shots for a personal website for promo purposes – – – and years from now when she’s a mom herself, she’ll have these senior pictures to prove that she can kick some serious butt!!

More tips on preparing for HS Senior Pics




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Senior Portraits Los Angeles


IMG_7630BitchinBWWEB   IMG_7588adjBitchinBWWEB

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 What to wear Senior Pictures

You can never have too many blog posts on what to wear for your Senior Portraits.    We’ve come across a few pinterest boards, blogs & sites that we think have some great ideas & most importantly, some great pictures for INSPIRATION!

We also posted some shots (ABOVE) we did of singer Anna Nalick in Los Angeles – who, obviously was not a HS Senior….she’s a multi-platinum singer/songwriter – but her sense of style & fashion can give us some pretty great ideas.  She went for 3 distinct looks

  • RomanticAnna really nailed it with her first look.  The OFF THE SHOULDER top on the top right is simple & classic, showing off her collarbone, neck & shoulders.  It’s just a little sexy – but mostly beautiful.  The velvet top on the left feels luxe & from another century, which compliments Anna’s timeless features 🙂
  • Hardcore
    A leather bustier might be a little much for Senior Pics – but, it’s worth taking a look at how much fun it can be to do an edgy look.  How many times in  your life are  you going to have a top of the line hair/makeup artist give you several looks in one day??!!!  It’s silly to pass up the opportunity to capture the edgy side of  you – especially in capable hands that will make sure it’s not over-the-top.
  • Edgy Ethereal
    The last look is PURE Anna – – – she’s super ethereal, like a fairy or goddess in our midst….but, she wanted to give it an edge, so it wasn’t too “soft”.  This was a perfect place to use that vivid blue.  The gauzy material gives the image a light & delicate feel – and the camera LOVES color.  It was interesting that she steered clear of accessories in this one & all of them actually….most likely because when hair & makeup is that strong, you don’t want to overdo all the bells & whistles.  A necklace may have just been too much with those super smoky eyes & red hair.

Anna Nalick acoustic version of her song “Breathe” – just in case you needed a moment to sit & breathe 🙂


Senior Picture Ideas

So, below are some links to our newest findings for Senior Portrait wardrobe inspiration!  Enjoy!


And, please accept our apology if you lose several hours lost in the Anthropologie Pinterest page ; )







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Headshots vs. Senor Pictures Los Angeles


Los Angeles Senior Portraits vs. Headshots

One of the biggest differences in LA Senior Pictures & LA Headshots is where the subject is looking.  Are they looking into camera?  Are they looking away?  For headshots, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that the subject (the actor) should be looking into the camera.  It helps to capture the essence, the personality, the vibe of the actor.  It helps to establish the actor’ level of intensity, or their ability to make us laugh with just a casual smirk..  Sometimes an agent or manager will choose an image where the actor is looking off-camera…but it’s pretty rare.  Mostly, you’d see this with a character type that typically looks away….like a super quirky character type, or a super shy character type.  I’ve also seen a “looking away” shot be chosen by a talent rep for actors whose direct stare is a bit overly intimidating.  It’s never good to scare the casting director, right??  hheheeee…

Well, the opposite is true of HS Senior Portraits.  There is no goal to shoot a certain character type.  We’re not trying to gauge intensity or the kinds of roles that the subject plays.  We’re simply capturing the emotions & feelings & essence of the subject for that moment in time.    Because that’s really what senior pics are : a capsule in time to remember that special phase of going from being a kid…in your parents care…and part of their responsibility….to being an adult.  making your own decisions…or at least most of them!    Senior Pictures are the very last of the baby pictures.  Your parents started when you were a newborn.  They continued documenting your growth at every grade level.  Now, it’s the last of the last – your Sr. Year – and these photos mark the last time your parents officially document your age, development & growth.  It’s not something to be taken lightly…and it’s not something to be taken too seriously.  It’s something to just have fun doing, and leave the rest to us


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