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senior portrait studios near me Los Angeles & Thousand Oaks

senior portrait studios near me

Senior Portrait studios near me Los Angeles & Newbury Park

Brandin & Amanda Max have locations in Newbury Park of Thousand Oaks as well as Mid City Los Angeles.  The Thousand Oaks locations is a home studio, spacious and gorgeous, surrounded by trails and mountains.  The Los Angeles location is a fully equipped studio, with location shoots available at Venice Beach, Culver City Arts District, and Baldwin Hills overlooking the city of LA.  When you’re doing your search for senior portrait studios near me keep in mind that we’re most likely not far!

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Senior Photos 2 Locations: Los Angeles & Newbury Park

senior photos

Beautiful Senior Photos

Natural light for senior photos is popular for a reason:  It looks absolutely gorgeous!  Fresh, effortless and timeless is what most people want out of their session because it’s always nice to look back and be proud of your images.  We steer clear of fake and stiff poses, which can feel so glam and fun while you’re shooting, but can make you feel cheesy when looking back on them a year later.  Your shoot should be effortless.

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Senior Portrait Studio Los Angeles

senior portrait studio

senior portrait studio los angeles senior portrait studio

senior portrait studio thousand oaks

Senior Portrait Studio

Clients looking to book a session at a senior portrait studio in LA have a few things to consider.  That outdoor, fresh look is mostly found on the outskirts of LA, whereas an edgy urban look is easily found in the city.  To be completely honest, it’s tough to have it both ways, unless you book with a photographer who has a few tricks up their sleeve….& we’ve been shooting actors, models, musicians & high school seniors for 14 years.

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Senior Photography Los Angeles tips, tricks

senior photography los angeles

senior photography los angeles

Researching Senior Photography Los Angeles

The images above were taken of a musical artist shot by senior photography los angeles experts Brandin Shaeffer & Amanda Max.  Usually, we’ll place pics like this in our “editorial” gallery, which means many kids and parents will totally miss them.  Lots of artists shoot edgier images – but they’ll rarely post them under their Sr Pics gallery….so when researching, look at more than just the high school samples to get a good idea of your photog’s level of artistry 🙂

For info:  310.622.5819


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Senior Pictures Los Angeles & Thousand Oaks

Senior Pictures Los Angeles

Senior Pictures Newbury Park

Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks

Senior Portrait locations in both Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles

14 years experience shooting actors, models, musicians and High School Senior Photography, with studios in both Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Mid City Los Angeles.  Female photographers Amanda Max Weber and Brandin Shaeffer strive to create images and senior portraits that are both unique and timeless.  Sessions typically last 2-3 hours…as long as it takes for our subject to feel comfortable and get the BEST senior pictures possible!

To see more of our recent work, visit our studio facebook page.  To schedule an appointment or ask a question, contact us through our site.

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Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles & Ventura County

Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles


Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographer


Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles & Ventura County


Senior Portrait Photographer Thousand Oaks


Senior Portrait Photographer Newbury Park


Senior Portrait Photographer Ventura County


Senior Portrait Photographers Los Angeles & Ventura County

One of the coolest things we (Brandin & Amanda Max) have access to is lots & lots of cool locations.  The sky is pretty much the limit 🙂  Above are a few favorites from our shoot with Austin B.  He has that James Dean kinda look, so we wanted to do everything from clean classic type images, to super preppy, to edgy bad boy.  There’s no reason why the girls get to have all the cool pics….guys can have absolutely amazing shoots too!  If you’re looking for a Senior Portrait photographer in Los angeles or Ventura County, we have got you covered with locations in both 🙂

To see more of our work, visit our studio facebook page.  To schedule a shoot, contact us through our site.


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Senior Pictures Southern California

Senior Pictures Southern California




Senior Pictures Southern California


Senior Pictures Southern California

Senior Pictures in Southern California

This year we have SO many Seniors shooting Destination Senior Pictures with us!   It’s so exciting to meet families from all across the country….and even South America!  If you’re planning a trip to the Los Angeles area to shoot your pics, it’s a great idea to schedule your shoot after you’ve been here for 2 or 3 days at least….to make sure you’re over any jet lag, and to give yourself a couple days to do a little shopping and buy something special for your shoot.

The images above were shot at our studio, as well as one of our favorite spots to shoot Senior Pictures in Southern California:  Venice Beach 🙂

To see more examples of our work visit our studio FB page  or view our online portfolio.  To schedule a session contact us through our site.  For questions, you can feel free to call Brandin’s cel 310.622.5819

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Senior Pictures Southern California










 Senior Portaits Southern California

The pictures above just a few proofs sheets from an album we designed from one of our 2014 Senior Portraits sessions taken in Los Angeles.  Our albums are from Italian hand-crafted album maker FINAO, and come in a Lay Flat construction that people absolutely love.  We prefer a clean design, and steer away from silly text & flourishes that look outdated within a few years.  Your pictures will be SO amazing, they’ll look best displayed similar to a high end photographic coffee table book.  Simple & Gorgeous.


To have your senior pictures taken at one of our southern california senior portrait studios contact us through our site, or call Brandin’s cel 310.622.5819

To view more examples of our work, visit our studio facebook page!




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High School Senior Pictures

high school senior pictures

high school senior pictures

High School Senior Pictures – College Apps

For lots of high schoolers, applying for college is something that takes a lot of preparation – and the process has never been more competitive.  To give a great impression, applicants often use a picture from their high school senior pictures.  It’s best to steer away from anything with a theme (such as a sports related pic) or anything that’s overly “sexy” or silly.   Stick with a friendly smile like the images above of one of our favorite clients, Brianna.

For recent samples of our work, visit our studio facebook page.  To schedule a session, visit our site contact page.  If you have questions, Brandin is available on her cel when not shooting 310.622.5819

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Senior Pics Los Angeles

mxb_peach_b0c2764_pfav   mxb_peach_x4c3664cfav   mxb_peach_b0c2769_cfav



mxb_rr_b0c2699_cfav   mxb_rr_b0c2688bw_cfav

mxb_wood_x4c3797cfav   mxb_wood_x4c3801_pfav


Senoir Portraits LA

This is our 2nd posting of Ren’s pics….we originally posted our faves – and now that she’s ordered her prints, we thought we’d share HER faves!  The first thing we noticed about Ren when she arrived for her shoot – other than her uber-cuteness, was that she’d really nailed it with the clothes & accessories she brought.  When you look at the images above, you’ll see how they all reflect her personal style, while at the same time each look has it’s own feel.  We loved how the pics we did in the orange print dress were paired with chunky platform heels….whereas the white sundress was worn with simple flip flops – Gorgeous!  Also, notice how all the bracelets in the black top pics & the hat in the white dress pics really give the images a magazine editorial photoshoot vibe.  Speaking of hats….hats off to our amazing makeup artist Bebe Booth, who kept the makeup totally natural while also totally popping the eyes in every look.  LOVE!!!  Ren was down for anything when it came to hair & makeup, but we’ve always found that for HS Senior Pics, you really need to stick with natural makeup…and maybe a little smoky eye for the final look.  It’s very similar to the guidelines we follow when shooting LA Actor headshots – keep it simple….keep the pictures ALL about the person you’re shooting.  If you’re planning your own wardrobe, makeup & hair you might want to visit our blog post:  10 tips to ROCK your HS Senior Portraits We’ve listed everything from hair & skin regimen to reminders on school guidelines & deadlines.  And if you ever feel like you’re stuck when putting everything together, make a quick trip through all of our past blog posts & portfolio – you’ll see lots of wardrobe ideas that you can steal & then make your own 🙂


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Senior Pics LA

Senior Pictures Los Angeles

Those of you who were lucky enough to get in on our 60% off May discount are asking for tips on how to do makeup for your senior portraits  So, below you’ll find one of our favorite natural makeup tutorials.  The makeup is done by a high school girl with products that most of you already have.  You’ll notice that the makeup is little punched up beyond “natural”, but when shooting pics in full length & even 3-quarter, you really want to make sure the eyes pop.  Using neutral tones & sticking to a simple black top liner & soft subtly smokey under liner, your eyes pop without looking overly made up.   SKIP THESE STEPS:  2 items she applies really don’t work for senior pics though & you should steer clear – the white liner in the inner rim of the eye often washes away with blinking, & can sometimes smear a bit with the under eyeliner.  And it doesn’t look that natural…. Also, the highlighter she uses toward the end of the video on her upper cheekbones is very often “bad for camera”.  What looks dewey and glowy in person, can look sweaty & glaring on camera.  Stick to MATTE powder, MATTE bronzer as well to avoid having a shiny face.  Hope this helps those of you who’re getting that awesome 60% off!

And for the rest of you, we STILL HAVE 40% OFF IN JUNE & 20% OFF IN JULY!!!!

Below is an example of some of our favorite Natural Makeup 🙂  Actor Katrina Law shot these in LA with makeup artist Karishma Ahluwalia, & we thought she achieved a perfect makeup look for each.  The left image is a little edgier, but without going over the top.  The lips & face were kept very natural, letting the eyes take center stage.  The image on the right is classic natural makeup.  The apples of the cheeks pop & the eyes have only a little neutral shadow for depth.  Katrina doesn’t need much, so the makeup artist let her natural beauty shine through 🙂


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Headshots LA

Headshots Los Angeles

Actor Headshots

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this girl!  Yesterday, I spent a couple hours shooting Natalie’s headshots.  Her parents came with her and I could tell immediately that this was going to be a fun day!  Usually, when a teen’s parents come to their session, I’m immediately apprehensive that the parent is going to try and run the shoot.  That basically never works because the parent isn’t a photographer & unless they’re right behind me, they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing.  Natalie’s Mom & Dad could not have been different….they helped when I needed it ((obviously, natalie’s got a LOT of hair to wrangle, so I asked for Mom when it was necessary :)) but, otherwise, they hung out, made a few calls, peeked their head in from time to time & were a total joy to have on the set!  Actors headshots are pretty different from shooting Los Angeles Senior Pics – mainly, in that the subject has to be looking into camera the entire time.  If you’ve never been a model for 2-3 hours straight, then you really don’t know how hard it is.  It’s work!  and the person in the photos needs to LOVE  what they do.  AND they need to be talented at it.  Simple as that.  Anything less, & you get just “so-so” pics.  I don’t care how great the photographer is – the subject needs to have that “it factor” to successfully shoot for several hours.  I’ll be posting more pics from Natalie’s session & with all the looks we did, you’ll really get a good idea of how a professional connects with the camera & delivers in shot after shot.  …..and let me tell you, adding in super long wavy hair means even more work & patience from our model – – – and it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty great mom helping out with all that hair!  Come to think of it, next time I’m shooting Senior Portraits, I may see if the mom can come ready with hairspray & brush in hand!

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Sexy Saturday! Senior Pics Thousand Oaks



Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks

Drae was one of our absolute favorites…she’s featured in our senior portraits portfolio & we thought she’d be perfect to be featured on our Sexy Saturday post!  Shot by photographer Amanda Max, of MaxBrandinPhotography & Amanda Max Photography, Drae does sexy the way should be done….effortlessly, playfully, & with classic beauty.  Unlike shooting LA actor headshots, shooting HS Senior Portraits means making sure the girls get the fierce & gorgeous images they want, while at the same time making sure they will be seen as classic, beautiful and never overly sexy.

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Benjamin Wolshin – Kids Headshots LA

Benjamin Kids Headshots Los Angeles


Los Angeles Kids Headshots

Shooting headshots for kids can be either the most fun an LA photographer can have, or the least LOL.  Taking Benjamin’s first truly professional LA headshots was definitely a blast.  He was a total ham with the camera & took direction with a natural ability that some people are just born with.

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Sexy Saturdays! Headshots Los Angeles

Headshots LA Sexy Saturdays


Actor Headshots LA

Olivia May does “sexy” perfectly.  Never overdone, she mixes an innocence with sexy that feels natural & effortless.  As a photographer shooting headshots in Los Angeles, you’re always excited to work with such a talent 🙂

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Flashback Fridays! LA Headshots – Nate Torrence


Actor Headshots LA

We love us some Nate Torrence!!!

Headshots Los Angeles

When Amanda & I started shooting actor headshots in Los Angeles over 12 years ago, we were so lucky to get a ton of great talent in front of our cameras.  Back then we shot headshots in the South Bay, but now we also have locations in LA & Thousand Oaks.   These headshots of  actor Nate Torrence always crack me up 🙂

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Los Angeles Headshots – Heather Vandeven

Los Angeles Headshots

We shot these headshots in LA at my Los Angeles headshot studio location.  Heather was amazing – any photographer would be psyched to shoot such a beautiful and amazing actor.

Best Headshots in LA

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Briana – Headshots LA


Actor Headshots in LA

We shot Briana’s headshots at my Los Angeles location.  As a headshot photographer I really look forward to shooting pictures of up and coming talent in LA.  Great job Briana!

Best headshot photographer LA

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Talia – Senior Pics Thousand Oaks

Clothing from Nati Clothing Boutique in Dos Vientos!

Thousand Oaks Senior Pictures

Talia was definitely one of the favorites of our Senior Portrait Photography Model Reps.  She was fun to direct and was really relaxed while shooting which always results the best senior pics.

High School Senior Pics Newbury Park

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Top 10 tips on how to rock your photoshoot!

Below is our top 10 checklist to ensure that you’re ready to go when you arrive at your photoshoot!

Don’t go crazy tanning yourself. Makeup artists’ pet peeve is dealing with dry, overly tanned skin. Even worse is orange-y fake bake on your face.

Moisturize and do a gentle exfoliation & leave the bronzing to the pros!

Don’t get a whole new look for your pics.  You want to look like YOU in your pictures.
Don’t go to a new stylist who’s never cut or highlighted your hair before.  Too risky!

Don’t spend a ton of time in the pool the week before your shoot. The chlorine dries your hair out & can turn highlights a pale green : ( If you must be in the pool, apply a conditioner to damp hair before entering & deeply condition each time you wash.

Get a fresh cut, color/highlights a week or two before your shoot, to be looking your best.

Don’t opt for a crazy nail color or design. You’ll be doing several looks & have plenty of opportunity with hair, makeup & clothes to show all of your personal style. …and when you’re in college, you may look back and regret those neon green cheetah print nails.

Get a fresh basic American or French manicure. Will never go out of style & will match every outfit.

Don’t give in to the urge to go super trendy with every outfit.  You don’t want to look back at your senior pictures & say “What was I thinking?!”

Don’t forget proper undergarments! Bringing a strapless dress? Don’t forget the strapless bra.  Cute pair of cowboy boots? Bring some comfy socks.  White sundress? Make sure underwear are skin tone.

Mix it up!! Bring a variety of styles – not just your “go to” style. It makes the day more fun to explore several different sides of your personality. For helpful tips on how to do this, check out our blog post on this topic: http://www.maxbrandinphotography.com/2012/06/13/senior-portrait-inspiration-styles/

….and check out our portfolio for ways past seniors have mixed it up:


One of the biggest ways to make a shoot look average is to leave out the final touches of accessories. Headbands, Hair clips, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings….these are the icing on the cake. So, DO go Crazy. Statement pieces are absolutely perfect for photos. We’ll style each look so that the accessories don’t take over…don’t’ worry : )

Bring vintage pieces from your family, such as a locket from your grandmother. Your mom/dad will be at the shoot, so these pieces can be safely kept when not shooting with them.

Don’t bring old heels & flats that you’ve worn a hundred times because they’re comfy. For pictures old shoes really kill the overall look of the image. ((EXCEPTION: vintage sneakers & old, worn in, awesome combat boots!))

Buy a couple pairs of fabulous new shoes! Mix it up by bringing flats, sandals, heels, and boots so that each look has it’s own vibe.

Don’t rely on “what they did last year” for yearbook guidelines.  These things can change from year to year.

Don’t rely on info you get from your friends. Find out for yourself exactly what your school’s guidelines and specifications are for photos submitted to the yearbook.

Get this important info yourself, directly from the source.

Don’t show up at your shoot unprepared to do a little modeling.

Practice! We’ll want to do more than just big smiles. Smirks, soft smiles, fierce glare, & romantic expressions are all fun to play with throughout your shoot so that we capture everything. Use a mirror to see what you look like when you do that fierce Top Model smile, so that if it looks totally cray, you can figure it out without a camera around…..

Do a mini-photoshoot with your best friend. She’s most likely getting Sr. Pics done too, and you can try out possible wardrobe together while working on your modeling skills.

Don’t stay up all night the day before your shoot trying to put everything together last minute. Your face will show the tiredness in red eyes & a puffy face.

Get your outfits, shoes, & accessories ready a couple days before.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share part of your day with your BFF.  If she schedules her shoot right after yours, we can plan to overlap the end of your shoot with the beginning of hers.  Once she’s out of hair/makeup we can shoot the two of you TOGETHER!

Plan with your friend to coordinate your final look & her first look, for a photograph that looks straight out of a magazine.

Don’t plan something directly after your shoot, or you (and we) will feel stressed out trying to meet a deadline.

Leave your day open & make it all about getting the best Senior Pics EVER.

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