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Ready to book your high school senior portraits Los Angeles ?!

high school senior portraits los angeles

The best high school senior portraits los angeles has seen!

Cheesy poses?  No.  Weird shooting locations?  Nah.  Awkward props?  Nope.  Bizare “edgy/fashionable” makeup?  Ew.  Best high school senior portraits Los Angeles has ever seen?  YES.  Don’t be swayed by the dramatic, overly filtered images you find at so many studios.  Those pictures will feel & look soooo out of date and embarrassing by the time you’re in college.  Those photographers that want you to do the Zoolander over the shoulder pose will just have to wait for someone else 🙂

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Senior Pictures that you’ll be proud of!

senior pictures

Senior pictures you’ll always love

We know how hard it is to put together your wardrobe for your senior pictures – what to wear?!  A great way to figure it out is to choose 3 categories:  1) Timeless, classic, no print, simple cut…this is for your portrait.  2) Something fresh & fun – flirty, colorful, vivacious – like what you’d see on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.  3) Something with an edge, whether that be vintage, bohemian, or whatever you feel like has that “indie” feel.   Something on TREND will be a fun reminder of what the kids were wearing when you were a teen.

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Senior Photos 2 Locations: Los Angeles & Newbury Park

senior photos

Beautiful Senior Photos

Natural light for senior photos is popular for a reason:  It looks absolutely gorgeous!  Fresh, effortless and timeless is what most people want out of their session because it’s always nice to look back and be proud of your images.  We steer clear of fake and stiff poses, which can feel so glam and fun while you’re shooting, but can make you feel cheesy when looking back on them a year later.  Your shoot should be effortless.

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Senior Portrait Studio Los Angeles

senior portrait studio

senior portrait studio los angeles senior portrait studio

senior portrait studio thousand oaks

Senior Portrait Studio

Clients looking to book a session at a senior portrait studio in LA have a few things to consider.  That outdoor, fresh look is mostly found on the outskirts of LA, whereas an edgy urban look is easily found in the city.  To be completely honest, it’s tough to have it both ways, unless you book with a photographer who has a few tricks up their sleeve….& we’ve been shooting actors, models, musicians & high school seniors for 14 years.

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Senior Photography Los Angeles tips, tricks

senior photography los angeles

senior photography los angeles

Researching Senior Photography Los Angeles

The images above were taken of a musical artist shot by senior photography los angeles experts Brandin Shaeffer & Amanda Max.  Usually, we’ll place pics like this in our “editorial” gallery, which means many kids and parents will totally miss them.  Lots of artists shoot edgier images – but they’ll rarely post them under their Sr Pics gallery….so when researching, look at more than just the high school samples to get a good idea of your photog’s level of artistry 🙂

For info:  310.622.5819


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Senior Photographer Westlake Village and LA

Senior Photographer Westlake Village

Senior Photographer Westlake Village

Looking for a Senior Photographer Westlake Village , Thousand Oaks, or Camarillo?  MxB has a location in Dos Vientos of Newbury Park featuring locations around Boney Mountain as well as a gorgeous home setting for Hair, Makeup & Styling Session.

Check out more of our work at our studio facebook page.

With a combined 25+ years experience between female photographers, Amanda Max & Brandin Shaeffer, you’ll be in great hands 🙂  Don’t procrastinate!  Give us a call today

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Senior Portraits Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks

Senior Portraits Westlake Village

Senior Portraits Westlake Village

HS Grads looking to shoot senior portraits westlake village, thousand oaks, & camarillo area will love our Newbury Park location!  The girls above shot on the same day and were able to overlap their shoots a bit to get one look shot together 🙂

We use a mix of natural and studio lighting for a fresh & glowy image that feels professional, but natural and classic!

To view more work, visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/MaxBrandinPhotography 

Book today!

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Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles

Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks


Book your Senior Pictures in Thousand Oaks or Los Angeles

Only a couple dates left in May…and June beginning to fill fast…this means Senior Portrait season is HERE.  Our Thousand Oaks location (pictured above) features walkways, fields & roads leading up to and around Boney Mountain.  The lighting is always beautiful and the possibilities are endless 🙂

Our Los Angeles location includes the zillion locations in and around Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Downtown Culver Arts District, & Venice Beach.

Book your senior pictures asap to make sure you’re not racing at the very end to get them done by your school’s deadline!

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Pin Up Style Photoshoot & Senior Pictures Ideas

Pin Up style photoshoot

Pin Up photography los angeles

Pin up photographer los angeles


Pin up photography is as popular today as ever – it’s fun, playful, & just flat out gorgeous.  As a photographer, you have plenty of things to consider:  light, set, props…because although it’s fun to put a new twist on pin up, it’s always appreciated when you can nail the shot as a purely classic pin up.  You’ll also need to secure an experienced Hair & Makeup artist who can not only create the pin up look, but can also do it in a timely manner.  If your model is in the hair/makeup chair for 2 hours it’s going to drain their energy and make it very difficult to do more than 1 look.  Your model should absolutely practice in front of a mirror leading up to the shoot – but at the end of the day,  the photographer has to be ready with great direction and ideas for posing the model in a classic and flattering way.  Study images from that time period first, before looking at more contemporary pin up.  It’s better to start with the original, classic, basics….and then add your own twist.


Our model above is NOT A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR and the wardrobe is obviously a bit too sexy for a teenaged girl.  However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this classic style photography into your senior portrait session by hiring one of our amazing and talented Hair/Makeup Artists and bringing along wardrobe that is age appropriate.  It’s also a good idea to consider just doing the “flavor” of pinup for your senior pictures, rather than going 100% realistic.  This will give us more room to play with more contemporary posing and feel less tied to being authentic.  We’re looking forward to our 2015 Senior Portrait Season….and shooting some fun pin up style images!

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Senior Pictures Los Angeles & Thousand Oaks

Senior Pictures Los Angeles

Senior Pictures Newbury Park

Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks

Senior Portrait locations in both Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles

14 years experience shooting actors, models, musicians and High School Senior Photography, with studios in both Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Mid City Los Angeles.  Female photographers Amanda Max Weber and Brandin Shaeffer strive to create images and senior portraits that are both unique and timeless.  Sessions typically last 2-3 hours…as long as it takes for our subject to feel comfortable and get the BEST senior pictures possible!

To see more of our recent work, visit our studio facebook page.  To schedule an appointment or ask a question, contact us through our site.

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Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles & Ventura County

Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles


Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographer


Senior Portrait Photographer Los Angeles & Ventura County


Senior Portrait Photographer Thousand Oaks


Senior Portrait Photographer Newbury Park


Senior Portrait Photographer Ventura County


Senior Portrait Photographers Los Angeles & Ventura County

One of the coolest things we (Brandin & Amanda Max) have access to is lots & lots of cool locations.  The sky is pretty much the limit 🙂  Above are a few favorites from our shoot with Austin B.  He has that James Dean kinda look, so we wanted to do everything from clean classic type images, to super preppy, to edgy bad boy.  There’s no reason why the girls get to have all the cool pics….guys can have absolutely amazing shoots too!  If you’re looking for a Senior Portrait photographer in Los angeles or Ventura County, we have got you covered with locations in both 🙂

To see more of our work, visit our studio facebook page.  To schedule a shoot, contact us through our site.


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Senior Pictures Southern California

Senior Pictures Southern California




Senior Pictures Southern California


Senior Pictures Southern California

Senior Pictures in Southern California

This year we have SO many Seniors shooting Destination Senior Pictures with us!   It’s so exciting to meet families from all across the country….and even South America!  If you’re planning a trip to the Los Angeles area to shoot your pics, it’s a great idea to schedule your shoot after you’ve been here for 2 or 3 days at least….to make sure you’re over any jet lag, and to give yourself a couple days to do a little shopping and buy something special for your shoot.

The images above were shot at our studio, as well as one of our favorite spots to shoot Senior Pictures in Southern California:  Venice Beach 🙂

To see more examples of our work visit our studio FB page  or view our online portfolio.  To schedule a session contact us through our site.  For questions, you can feel free to call Brandin’s cel 310.622.5819

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Headshots vs. Senor Pictures Los Angeles


Los Angeles Senior Portraits vs. Headshots

One of the biggest differences in LA Senior Pictures & LA Headshots is where the subject is looking.  Are they looking into camera?  Are they looking away?  For headshots, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that the subject (the actor) should be looking into the camera.  It helps to capture the essence, the personality, the vibe of the actor.  It helps to establish the actor’ level of intensity, or their ability to make us laugh with just a casual smirk..  Sometimes an agent or manager will choose an image where the actor is looking off-camera…but it’s pretty rare.  Mostly, you’d see this with a character type that typically looks away….like a super quirky character type, or a super shy character type.  I’ve also seen a “looking away” shot be chosen by a talent rep for actors whose direct stare is a bit overly intimidating.  It’s never good to scare the casting director, right??  hheheeee…

Well, the opposite is true of HS Senior Portraits.  There is no goal to shoot a certain character type.  We’re not trying to gauge intensity or the kinds of roles that the subject plays.  We’re simply capturing the emotions & feelings & essence of the subject for that moment in time.    Because that’s really what senior pics are : a capsule in time to remember that special phase of going from being a kid…in your parents care…and part of their responsibility….to being an adult.  making your own decisions…or at least most of them!    Senior Pictures are the very last of the baby pictures.  Your parents started when you were a newborn.  They continued documenting your growth at every grade level.  Now, it’s the last of the last – your Sr. Year – and these photos mark the last time your parents officially document your age, development & growth.  It’s not something to be taken lightly…and it’s not something to be taken too seriously.  It’s something to just have fun doing, and leave the rest to us


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Senior Pics Los Angeles

mxb_peach_b0c2764_pfav   mxb_peach_x4c3664cfav   mxb_peach_b0c2769_cfav



mxb_rr_b0c2699_cfav   mxb_rr_b0c2688bw_cfav

mxb_wood_x4c3797cfav   mxb_wood_x4c3801_pfav


Senoir Portraits LA

This is our 2nd posting of Ren’s pics….we originally posted our faves – and now that she’s ordered her prints, we thought we’d share HER faves!  The first thing we noticed about Ren when she arrived for her shoot – other than her uber-cuteness, was that she’d really nailed it with the clothes & accessories she brought.  When you look at the images above, you’ll see how they all reflect her personal style, while at the same time each look has it’s own feel.  We loved how the pics we did in the orange print dress were paired with chunky platform heels….whereas the white sundress was worn with simple flip flops – Gorgeous!  Also, notice how all the bracelets in the black top pics & the hat in the white dress pics really give the images a magazine editorial photoshoot vibe.  Speaking of hats….hats off to our amazing makeup artist Bebe Booth, who kept the makeup totally natural while also totally popping the eyes in every look.  LOVE!!!  Ren was down for anything when it came to hair & makeup, but we’ve always found that for HS Senior Pics, you really need to stick with natural makeup…and maybe a little smoky eye for the final look.  It’s very similar to the guidelines we follow when shooting LA Actor headshots – keep it simple….keep the pictures ALL about the person you’re shooting.  If you’re planning your own wardrobe, makeup & hair you might want to visit our blog post:  10 tips to ROCK your HS Senior Portraits We’ve listed everything from hair & skin regimen to reminders on school guidelines & deadlines.  And if you ever feel like you’re stuck when putting everything together, make a quick trip through all of our past blog posts & portfolio – you’ll see lots of wardrobe ideas that you can steal & then make your own 🙂


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Kids Headshots





Kids Headshots Los Angeles

People always want to know, for headshots what to wear.  There is definitely a lot of advice floating around out there – some of makes sense, and some it’s just silly.  The main piece of advice I hear is “wear bright colors”.  Hmmmmm…..true, colors photograph really nicely – but, there are a lot of ways to screw up your shoot by just following that advice blindly.  I’ve found the best way to approach the question of wardrobe is to think of what kinds of roles you’re going to go out for.  Let’s take a kids headshots for example:  There are 5 or 6 main “types” that a girl 8-15 years old would play….  ((there are lots others, but let’s look at some mainstays….

  • Nickelodeon Kid
  • The “Good” Kid
  • Sporty
  • Super Girly
  • Old Fashioned / Period Drama
  • Edgy Attitude



For Nickelodeon Kid, we’re thinking “Prankster”, mischievous, rough & tumble 100% KID.  Sure, color works for this, but WHAT color works best?  In my opinion, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Red, Royal Blue are all great colors for this look.  If we went with Pink or Yellow, it might read a little softer, or a little girlier, which would detract from the story of the picture.  We want the image to scream:  I AM KID, HEAR ME ROAR!!!

For The Good Kid, we’re thinking “Class President”, Teacher’s Pet, Straight A student – so, go a little preppier, with a hint of nerdy.  Clothing could almost feel like a mini office professional.  A polo shirt for boys – a tank top & cardigan for girls.  Obviously, you’d steer clear of “unprofessional” looking colors like bright orange, lime green & vivid turquoise.  Royal blue, Dark(ish) Purple, Red, Sage Green, and even black can work great for this one.

For the Sporty Kid, layers always work well.  A Gray Tee with Navy Zip Hoodie looks really sporty.  Almost like a version of something they’d wear as a warm up if they were on a sports team.  Kelly Green Hoodie Jacket with yellow tee underneath,,,,,, even just a basic red Tee with V-neck would work great.  Just go with colors that feel like a sports team & keep the clothing something that looks like they could play in it.

For Super Girly we’re picturing the 11 year old girl who does nothing by giggle.  No matter what, she’s in fits of laughter & LOVES pink.  Great girly colors are Pink, Bright Turquoise, Bright Yellow, Peach, Baby Blue & of course purple.  The top can be as simple as a Tee, or as girly as a ruffled strap tank top.

For Period Drama / Theatrical, we’re thinking something classic or simple.  We’re going for soulful, so a color that matches the kid’s eyes exactly is always amazing.  Or, something in a faded fleshy tone, like peach or tan tones.  Black & jewel tones, like ruby, emerald green & sapphire blue work really nice too.

For Edgy / Attitude we’re mostly going to be dealing with girls 12 years to 17 years.  We usually go with more of a Disney version of “Edgy” for most kids ….a little black eyeliner, but nothing crazy.  Colors that work great are Black mixed w/ any “hot” color, like bright pink, purple, aqua, yellow…..   OR, you can take it more theatrical & realistic or urban using mostly grays & blacks with texture & layers – nothing too “new” looking for kids who play grittier characters.  That’s not the norm, but there are always those actors who play dark characters from a young age, like Jodie Foster & Nikki Reed.

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Senior Pictures South Bay









Senior Pictures LA

Dominique is one of our 2013 MxB High School Senior Reps.  She shot with us a few weeks ago at our Los Angeles Senior Portraits location.  Usually, the seniors that apply to be MxB reps are extremely outgoing, because they know that they’ll be ambassadors for our photography studio.  Well, even in her application, Dominique admitted that she was shy…but that she thought maybe this might be a good thing, something to help her push the boundaries of her comfort zone with social stuff.  So, when she arrived for her shoot, we were prepared to really have to work at directing & getting great smiles & poses.  ….wow….we were wrong!  Within a matter of a few minutes Dominique was modeling as if she were a total pro!!  Being tall & super athletically built, she honestly photographed very much like a professional model.  To say we were blown away would not be an exaggeration…. So many of the cute poses & all the playing around that we captured on camera came organically from Dominique.  On the train tracks, our main direction was to say “just imagine you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, and you know to follow the tracks to the next city….but, along the way, while you’re walking, give little glances & smiles to the camera”.  That was it!  She took off her shoes & started taking little steps over the pebbles & rocks on the tracks…and when she’s slightly trip on one, she’s laugh & look right at the lens.  To be able to take your actual circumstances & use them to inform your expressions & body language is the very essence of modeling….and obviously, Dominique has it.

Senior Portraits Thousand Oaks

So many of our HS Seniors from Thousand Oaks ask about the urban locations they see in our LA Senior Pictures – and the same is true for our LA & South Bay Seniors….they often ask about the beautiful mountain shots we get at our Newbury Park location.  Both are such awesome locations for shooting HS Senior Pics that it’s tough to choose which location to book.  Our suggestion is to shoot both!!  We offer discounted rates for Seniors who decide to do 2 shoots – and the fun part is, you get double the amount of images at this totally amazing time in your life 🙂

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Senior Pics LA

Senior Pictures Los Angeles

Those of you who were lucky enough to get in on our 60% off May discount are asking for tips on how to do makeup for your senior portraits  So, below you’ll find one of our favorite natural makeup tutorials.  The makeup is done by a high school girl with products that most of you already have.  You’ll notice that the makeup is little punched up beyond “natural”, but when shooting pics in full length & even 3-quarter, you really want to make sure the eyes pop.  Using neutral tones & sticking to a simple black top liner & soft subtly smokey under liner, your eyes pop without looking overly made up.   SKIP THESE STEPS:  2 items she applies really don’t work for senior pics though & you should steer clear – the white liner in the inner rim of the eye often washes away with blinking, & can sometimes smear a bit with the under eyeliner.  And it doesn’t look that natural…. Also, the highlighter she uses toward the end of the video on her upper cheekbones is very often “bad for camera”.  What looks dewey and glowy in person, can look sweaty & glaring on camera.  Stick to MATTE powder, MATTE bronzer as well to avoid having a shiny face.  Hope this helps those of you who’re getting that awesome 60% off!

And for the rest of you, we STILL HAVE 40% OFF IN JUNE & 20% OFF IN JULY!!!!

Below is an example of some of our favorite Natural Makeup 🙂  Actor Katrina Law shot these in LA with makeup artist Karishma Ahluwalia, & we thought she achieved a perfect makeup look for each.  The left image is a little edgier, but without going over the top.  The lips & face were kept very natural, letting the eyes take center stage.  The image on the right is classic natural makeup.  The apples of the cheeks pop & the eyes have only a little neutral shadow for depth.  Katrina doesn’t need much, so the makeup artist let her natural beauty shine through 🙂


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Headshots LA

Headshots Los Angeles

Actor Headshots

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this girl!  Yesterday, I spent a couple hours shooting Natalie’s headshots.  Her parents came with her and I could tell immediately that this was going to be a fun day!  Usually, when a teen’s parents come to their session, I’m immediately apprehensive that the parent is going to try and run the shoot.  That basically never works because the parent isn’t a photographer & unless they’re right behind me, they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing.  Natalie’s Mom & Dad could not have been different….they helped when I needed it ((obviously, natalie’s got a LOT of hair to wrangle, so I asked for Mom when it was necessary :)) but, otherwise, they hung out, made a few calls, peeked their head in from time to time & were a total joy to have on the set!  Actors headshots are pretty different from shooting Los Angeles Senior Pics – mainly, in that the subject has to be looking into camera the entire time.  If you’ve never been a model for 2-3 hours straight, then you really don’t know how hard it is.  It’s work!  and the person in the photos needs to LOVE  what they do.  AND they need to be talented at it.  Simple as that.  Anything less, & you get just “so-so” pics.  I don’t care how great the photographer is – the subject needs to have that “it factor” to successfully shoot for several hours.  I’ll be posting more pics from Natalie’s session & with all the looks we did, you’ll really get a good idea of how a professional connects with the camera & delivers in shot after shot.  …..and let me tell you, adding in super long wavy hair means even more work & patience from our model – – – and it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty great mom helping out with all that hair!  Come to think of it, next time I’m shooting Senior Portraits, I may see if the mom can come ready with hairspray & brush in hand!

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Sexy Saturday! Senior Pics Thousand Oaks



Senior Pictures Thousand Oaks

Drae was one of our absolute favorites…she’s featured in our senior portraits portfolio & we thought she’d be perfect to be featured on our Sexy Saturday post!  Shot by photographer Amanda Max, of MaxBrandinPhotography & Amanda Max Photography, Drae does sexy the way should be done….effortlessly, playfully, & with classic beauty.  Unlike shooting LA actor headshots, shooting HS Senior Portraits means making sure the girls get the fierce & gorgeous images they want, while at the same time making sure they will be seen as classic, beautiful and never overly sexy.

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Benjamin Wolshin – Kids Headshots LA

Benjamin Kids Headshots Los Angeles


Los Angeles Kids Headshots

Shooting headshots for kids can be either the most fun an LA photographer can have, or the least LOL.  Taking Benjamin’s first truly professional LA headshots was definitely a blast.  He was a total ham with the camera & took direction with a natural ability that some people are just born with.

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